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Portrait length color image of Prince Albert aka.
Text: Signature image of Prince Albert aka.

Hardest working prince in English history!

Prince Albert was one of the best educated men in royal history. Trained as an engineer, he was widely read in history and geography. He had a sophisticated understanding of politics. In the early 1850s he opposed England’s disastrous involvement in the Crimean War, but said nothing openly.

When the American civil war began, many British politicians wanted England to back the Confederacy. Albert realized the terrible consequences and did what he could to avoid a conflict with the United States, insisting that Queen Victoria not voice her support for the South.

Full length color image of Prince Albert aka.

Left close up color image of Prince Albert aka.

Right closup color image of Prince Albert aka.

Portrait by artist-historian George Stuart.
Courtesy Museum of Ventura County.

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