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Portrait length color image of Signy , by George Stuart.


Portrait by
artist-historian George Stuart.

Courtesy George S. Stuart.
Left close up color image of Signy , by George Stuart.gray spacerRight closup color image of Signy , by George Stuart.
Text: Signature image of Signy , by George Stuart.

The bond of loyalty were played out to the bitter end.

Sigmund and Signy are twins. In their teens, Signy is married off to a neighboring chief, who shortly murders all of her family; but, she saves her brother Sigmund and hides him in the forest. She then sets about to wreck revenge on her murderous husband. Only a true Vosunge can help her, so over time she arranges to have a son by her brother Sigmund. When the son is old enough, she and her husband plot to kill her husband by burning down his house. But Signy remains in the blase out of duty to her husband and perishes. Sigmund goes on to a career as a great warrior. He marries and produces the son, Siegfried who is the great hero of the saga.

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Thumbnail color image of Signy , by George Stuart.

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