Native Americans: Comanche, Sioux and Lakota braves and chiefs

Peoples of the Americas

The Tribal Cultures Were as Complex as Any Found in Asia.

The dress codes and accouterments of Native American tribes are as intricate and detailed as any on the planet. The tribal and cultural divisions of the Crow, Sioux, Comanche, and Lakota are Byzantine in complexity.  They were always much closer and more intimate with their natural surroundings as were the local Chumash tribe. The fact that many ancient Native customs and beliefs were as harsh, cruel and violent as any known to man has been lost in the efforts of Europeans--who suffer guilt over their genocide--to make the “Indians” personifications of virtue. 

This collection is gathered from three periods of George Stuart's work. The Plains Indians are represented by the Crow, Sioux, Lakota and Comanche nations, while the Aztec and Mayan warriors were indigenous to Central America. The Chumash are indigenous to the central California coast, where Mr. Stuart resides.