This page is dedicated to the people who help bring you the world of George Stuart.

Kathy Henri

Kathy Henri was the Collections Manager at the Museum of Ventura County from 1994 to 2006. During that time she became familiar with the Historical Figures and established a working relationship with George Stuart. After leaving the Museum in 2006, she began assisting Stuart with all aspects of maintaining the Figures, which she continues today. That position entails a variety of tasks including cleaning and occasionally replacing pieces of clothing and accessories, sewing, jewelry making, hair dressing, repairing skin surfaces on the Figures, and research into materials and historical details. She continues to consult with the Museum on Figures exhibits and maintenance and fields questions from around the world about the Figures.

Mary Harrsch

In 2005, Mary was the director of Networks and Management Information Systems at the College of Education, University of Oregon. She was also a history enthusiast, website designer, database developer and collector of historical figures. When she was contacted by Leroy Becker requesting assistance with the development of a database-driven website for George S. Stuart's Gallery of Historical Figures, Mary considered it a perfect project to combine her interests in history and technology. She designed the first version of the website and maintained it with periodic upgrades until the Ventura County Museum, now home to the figures, took over the site in late 2019.

Now, retired and promoting the support of archaeological discoveries and research and the use of technology to expand our knowledge of human activity across the centuries. Mary has also learned how to program Alexa-enabled devices and has published skills that promote museums and cultural events and provide history education, including the virtual recreation of Gaius Julius Caesar who can answer questions about ancient Roman culture.


Willhouse is the husband and wife team of Richard Shay and Stacey Millett. Based in Ventura County and brought on to the project by the Museum of Ventura County in late 2019, Willhouse was tasked with creating the new site you see today. Their skills with design, web development and content management systems were the perfect compliment to the existing site, updating it with new technologies.