Portraits of Historical Figures from world history by George Stuart
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Portraits of Historical Figures of world history by George Stuart

Throughout this site, we are delighted to share the art George Stuart and his monologs on world history. The four hundred sculptures of George Stuart are portraits of famous and infamous people of world history, who wielded influence and power in their time. In addition to the highly realistic sculptures, the artist-historian also writes and performs monologs about the life and times of the Historical Figures. Mr. Stuart works and resides in Ojai, California and perform his monologs regularly in nearby Ventura. This Historical Figures Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promulgating the work of George. S. Stuart. This site contains a comprehensive gallery of his work, media info, news of upcoming appearances, current exhibits and newly created Figures. The Shoppe offers Figures-related products and donation options.

Groups of Portraits from World History Monolog

George Stuart originally created his Historical Figures portraits as stage props for his monologs on world history. Today the portraits can be grouped for specific monologs -

Portraits of Historical Figures of China
Portraits of Historical Figures of France
Portraits of Historical Figures of Czarist Russia
Portraits of United States Patriots and Founders
Portraits of Really Awful People
Portraits of Historical Figures of England
Portraits of Figures of the Renaissance and Reformation
Portraits of Figures of the Movement West
Portraits of Personalities of the Lincoln Era
Portraits of Figures of Germanic Myth and Legend

Several Groups are ad hoc selections with no underlying monolog -

Portraits of Historical Figures of Italy
Peoples of the Americas
Warriors through the Ages
Clerics - Politicians, Reformers and Saints
Portraits of Early Works

Presented by Historical Figures Foundation.

The non-profit Historical Figures Foundation (501.c. 3) is dedicated to art and history education through the protection and
promulgation of the Historical Figures and monologs of George Stuart. Entertainer, historian and artist of Ojai, California.
Website features Historical Figures ® of England, France, Russia, the United States, Americas, Spain, Italy, and Manchu China.
The work also includes selected Norse and German mythological figures. Images are not yet available for all Figures.

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Preserving Historical Figures® by George S. Stuart

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