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Figures of Nosferatu

The Night of the Nosferatu

In most cultures throughout the world there is a tradition concerning the dead... or more specifically, the living dead!  Eastern European tradition tells us that one who is not living but who's soul is neither in Heaven or Hell is among the undead or Nosferatu!

The figures presented in the Nosferatu Group were created for a live staged production by artist and historian George Stuart. These productions took place at the Museum of Ventura County between 1979 and 1981. The productions featured sound and lighting effects coordinated with a recorded voice-over by Mr. Stuart in true theatrical fashion. Although never intended for static exhibition, the figures are presented here in an illustrated setting to recapture some of the drama of The Night of the Nosferatu.

Very few of the Historical Figures are the work of total imagination on the part of the artist. Almost all Figures are researched for the best possible likeness based on the latest information.

Only the "Nosferatu" are from George Stuart's imagination but using the same resources that Bram Stoker and his predecessors used to create their novels and stories. Mostly central European folk tales and legends. No reference from 20th Century films or stories is used for the basis of the Figures in this genre.

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