Image of Ivan IV, Salome, Queen of Sheba, Alfred the Great, Queen Elizabeth II, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

Early Works

The Famous and Infamous Through History

This group of early Historical Figures will eventually include several commissioned Figures as they are located and documented. For now, Early Works includes 33 of the original 37 Figures commissioned by Monsanto Chemical Company in the 1960s for exhibition at Disneyland. These figures, completely restored in 2006 and 2007, are now held by the Mini Time Machine Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

A search is now on to locate the remaining four Monsanto Figures, believed to be in the St. Louis area. Early Middle East rulers include Herod Antipas, Minos of Crete, Nebuchadrezzar II, Assurbanipal, Alexander the Great, Dionysius of Syracuse and Cleopatra. Other famous women of the area include Helen of Troy, Salome and the exotic Queen of Sheba. Roman times are represented by Julius Caesar, Livia Drusilla Augusta, Emperor Nero and the ill-fated Poppaea Sabina.  Northern Europe Historical Figures include Ivan IV the Terrible, Alfred the Great, Erik the Red, Philip II of Spain, Napoleon Bonaparte and William the Conqueror. Women of northern Europe include, Isabeau of Bavaria, Alexander Princess of Wales, Queen Caroline of Brunswick, Maria Fitzherbert, a young and an old Queen Victoria, and Elizabeth II. American women are Mary Todd Lincoln and two generic figures.

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