Vlad Tepes

His history as a monster became the myth of Dracula.
"Vlad the Impaler"
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He was known as Draculya, son of the Dragon. He was also known as Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler! He ruled as Prince of Wallachia. His enemies saw him as an unreasoning monster of cruelty. He was a man without sympathy for the suffering of others. He delighted in the shrieks of agony and the writhing in torment of those whom he tortured. He supposedly died in battle in 1477 but his body was never found.

Certainly denied a place in Heaven, he was a perfect subject for the Dark Angel!

Vlad was the epitome of savage brutality. With his ability to adjust quickly and his determined self-preservation; he ruled over Walachia for decades. His record of sadism and mass murder was unparalleled and shocked even the Turks, his part time allies, then enemies. He is a Romanian hero today.