Siegfried Dragon Slayer

Spring conquers winter in its symbolism.
Siegfried in Winged Helmet
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Siegfried is a descendent of the Volsungs, reared in the wild by a foster parent, but destined to become a pure and great hero, who could break the curse of the dwarf-gold. He is told of the gold and encouraged to take it from the dragon (Fafnir) who guards the horde. Siegfried is without fear and confronts and slays Fafnir. The battle leaves Seigfried covered in dragon's blood, which he tastes and becomes invulnerable and able to understand the voices of the birds. Siegfried's future is filled with adventure, peril and calamity. 

Siegfried is the great hero and dragon slayer. He possesses great wealth and influence. He has pledged his undying love to Brunhild. The Gibech brothers saw him as a great ally and contrived to marry him to heir sister Kriemhild. Their mother Queen Uta drugged Seigfried. He forgets his pledge to Brunhild, which leads to disaster and his death.