Selection of Historical Figures from the United States Revolutionary Period, including Patriots and Founders.

US Patriots and Founders

The Revolutionary Founders and Patriots: the Genius of the People

In American history, Britain’s 150-year old colonies in North America became restless when the crown ignored their established rights and freedoms. Repressing dissent ended in an eight-year guerilla war and a movement toward independence. Early dissidents Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry were called patriots by some and traitors by others. In the revolutionary War, George Washington, Von Steuben and Lafayette led the military effort.

Once established as an independent republic, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and many other founders engaged in a second struggle to form a “perfect union.” The miracle of the era is that there were so many men of patience, wisdom, forethought, and education in places of leadership at one time. It was a circumstance unique in U.S. History. The U.S. Patriots and Founders Figures are currently in the collections of the Museum of Ventura County.